Recursos e capacidades em situação de turnaround: um estudo de caso no negócio de alimentos

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Silva, Carlos Vinnícius
Marcondes, Reynaldo Cavalheiro
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Miguel, Lilian Aparecida Pasquini
Ferreira, Manuel Anibal Silva Portugal Vasconcelos
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The aim of this dissertation has been to understand the resource and capabilities that proved to be strategic in the turnaround process, creating value to the company customer, from the Resource Based-View RBV perspective. The research method adopted to this single case study was the exploratory descriptive with qualitative approach, applying an standardized script of open questions. The content analysis technique has been used for the data treatment. Eight business executives were interviewed from sales, marketing, research and development, pricing and profitability and supply chain area, which were working in the company when the turnaround process happened. The company is one of the most important global supplier companies for the food ingredients market, operating in the business-to-business segment. The results have indicated that the resources, technical expertise and sales team specifically prepared, and the capabilities, mindset change and synergy between the internal areas, were considered strategic due to the fact that they supported the turnaround strategies, enabling the company to recover its profitability. It has been found that the debility of these resources might lead the food ingredient market suppliers, which operate in the business-to-business segment, to operate like in the commodity segment and to face substantial difficulties to survive in the market. In addition to have these resources, the company must have the capability to keep them in synergy and focused on customer needs, thereby it might acquire competitive advantage.
empresa de ingredientes , turnaround , criação de valor , recursos e capacidades , ingredient company , turnaround , value creation , criação de valor , resource and capabilities
SILVA, Carlos Vinnícius. Recursos e capacidades em situação de turnaround: um estudo de caso no negócio de alimentos. 2015. 77 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Administração) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2015.