Quando migrar é a última alternativa

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Bertoncello, Fernando Rodrigues da Motta
Bertolin, Patrícia Tuma Martins
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Silva, Solange Teles da
Butterman, Steven Fred
Pereira, Flávio de Leão Bastos
Brasil, Paula Zambelli Salgado
Direito Político e Econômico
The present thesis aims to analyze a seemly invisible matter: migrations which happen due to gender issues. Such migrations happen solely to allow people to be who they are. It relies on a systemic method and tries to verify if Refugee Law corroborates with the maintenance of a model of gender inequality and is based on heteronormative and masculine bases or, in fact, is able to protect non-hegemonic identities in their processes of refuge in the same way that it protects the hegemonic ones. In this sense, an openness to the concept of gender refuge is discussed in order to encompass a greater plurality of human beings, since there is a strong tendency for gender migrations to take place primarily because of humanitarian issues. Subsequently, after the presentation of some research, which seems to prove the new way of thinking about gender refuge, it seems interesting to think how to establish guidelines for states to observe the peculiar needs of these groups and to establish public policies for such purpose. Finally, it discusses the feasibility of designing such concept in Brazil in the light of surveys on the subject and the first experiences in Canada, Sweden and the United States, as well as discuss the role of the country in promoting the concept and such policies worldwide. It is also important to point out that it intends to analyze all this within a proper system regarding the protection of diversity that seems to be under construction in order to affirm non-hegemonic identities and guarantee them dignity, participation and recognition.
políticas públicas , proteção da diversidade , refúgio por questões de gênero
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BERTOCELLO, Fernando Rodrigues da Motta. Quando migrar é a última alternativa. 2019. 324 p. Tese (Direito Político e Econômico) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019