Entre a exceção econômica e a retomada do desenvolvimento

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Yendo, Sergio Andrade
Bercovici, Gilberto
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Massonetto, Luís Fernando
Luis, Alessandro Serafim Octaviani
Direito Político e Econômico
The exercise of sovereignty by the people, specifically the popular sovereignty of the poor, is vital for national development. The underprivileged are the main interested in development, desiring improvement of general living conditions and diffusion of technical progress. In recent years, there was a considerable reduction of poverty and income inequality. However, underdevelopment was not surpassed. Based on the thought of Celso Furtado, this research aims to establish the basis for a discussion about the resumption or not of national development. That is, if Brazil is on track or not, even in a first step, of development. To do so, will adopt the view furtadian on development. From this, I will try to check if there is a first stage in the process of developing or if there is an economic state of emergency. In this way, trying to obtain evidences, this study will analyze the cash transfer program called Bolsa Familia, after exposition of the core of the doctrine of Furtado on development and underdevelopment. The Bolsa Familia has contributed a lot to the reduction of inequality and poverty. Because of that, it will be taken as empirical element to answer the question: was considerable the social homogenization and the investment in human factor? These are the foundations of development in Furtado and are for example, in Article 3º, brazilian's transformation clause in the 1988 Brazilian Constitution.
soberania popular , poder constituinte , desenvolvimento , subdesenvolvimento , Celso Furtado , estado de exceção , estado de exceção econômico , bolsa família , popular sovereignty , constituent power , development , underdevelopment, Celso Furtado, state of exception , economic state of emergency , bolsa familia
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