O diálogo entre a ópera e o romance Ópera dos Mortos, de Autran Dourado

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Bezerra, Fernanda Gama
Lopondo, Lílian
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Santos, Elaine Cristina Prado dos
Peixoto, Maria Helena Fioravante
This dissertation has as purpose the analysis of the dialogue between the novel Ópera dos mortos, by Autran Dourado, and the opera, as well as their implications in the construction of the meanings. This choice is justified because we understand that the exam of the relations established between this literary text and another semiotic system is a way, among many possibilities, to know the complexity of the above-mentioned novel. It is important to stand out that the term opera will be considered in wide meaning; more than a spectacle that connects music, theatre and poetry, the opera is one of the artistic manifestations that represent the tragic character of the human existence. In a first moment, it will be examined the symbolic dimension of the Honório Cota s house, as a scenic space, as well as the meaningful relationship between time and space. After that, it will be delineated a parallel between the trajectory of the protagonist and the paths gone through for some of the most eminent opera heroines, trying to realize why, invariably, woman is punished in the opera arena.
tempo , espaço , ópera , mulher , time , space , opera , woman
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BEZERRA, Fernanda Gama. O diálogo entre a ópera e o romance Ópera dos Mortos, de Autran Dourado. 2008. 91 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2008.