Meio ambiente cultural da Amazônia Brasileira : dos modos de vida a moradia do Caboclo Ribeirinho

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Brugnera, Ana Carolina
Guerra Neto, Abílio da Silva
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Santos, Cecilia Helena Godoy Rodrigues dos
Robrahn-gonzález, Erika Marion
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The objective of this research is to shed a light over how the Cultural Environment composed by several occupation scenarios of cultural landscapes of the Brazilian Amazon river channels was formed. The environment, which is formed by a group of physical and cultural manifestations, reflects the result of intangible assets, such as traditional knowledge and practices of the communities that live or have once lived there, leaving behind edifications, objects, utensils, archeological sites, etc. The culture of native dwellers, as many other societies in the national territory, results from a long-term process of Amazon occupation by a diversitiy of cultural identities. However, recent transformations affecting the Brazilian Amazon, due to a globalized and more competitive economy, consider the implantation of major projects that entail social and political contradictions emerging from the relationship between State and society. Facing this scenario, it is imperative that this landscape be analysed in an integrated manner, taking into account the social diversity and not just the existing traditional societies, as well as the organized civil society, the landowners communitary leaderships, local state governments, companies and their different onlooks regarding the subject, thus enabling and promoting the Territory Management. As for the premisses mentioned above, we face a methodological challenge, especially regarding the application of concepts of Territory Management and Resilience to the traditional communities envolved, aiming at obtaining results that will leverage sustentainable actions, not only from the social and cultural point of view, but also from the economical and political standpoint. In the light of this challenge we will highlight research carried out by Brazilian research programs in the cultural environment of some communities living along the Brazilian Amazon rivers. Mapping of their built, historical and cultural heritage, the sum of testimonies and involvement of local communities, including their way of life and traditional knowledge, technical and specialized analyses that will eventually lead to the interpretation of the cultural landscape the Applied Science.
meio ambiente , cultura , Amazônia Brasileira , culture , environment , Amazon , riverside community
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BRUGNERA, Ana Carolina. Meio ambiente cultural da Amazônia Brasileira : dos modos de vida a moradia do Caboclo Ribeirinho. 2015. 270 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2015.