Perfil do atendimento fisioterapêutico às crianças com síndrome de Down até os três anos de idade em instituições especializadas

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Morais, Kesia Damascena Winter de
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Fiamenghi Jr, Geraldo Antônio
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Down`s Syndrome (DS) is a genetic disease, characterized by the presence of an chromosome in the pair 21, that brings general delay in one s growth, including motor functions, in language and cognitive. The physiotherapeutic treatment is recommended since the moment the child is born, in order to stimulate the acquisition of the stages in the neuromotor growth in the child, promoting opportunities for the elaboration of more complex functions. The earlier the child receives this treatment, the more benefits they may reach, because neural plasticity has its better intensity in the first months of one s life. This study aimed to investigate the outline of the physiotherapeutic treatment for children who present DS in the early three years of age in specialized institutions. The method was characterized by a qualitative study and the data collecting happened with pre-structured interviews done with 11 physiotherapists who worked in São Paulo- coast and metropolitan area. The results indicated that the majority of the professionals interviewed felt safe to work in the field of pediatric neurology after graduation, took specialization courses are not always in the area of pediatric neurology and used as a management principle the Bobath Concept. Also verified the concept is still the internet is the primary means used to update, which the family participates in physical therapy, and we all consider important interactions among various professionals. The therapy lasts about 30 minutes and frequency of treatment varies from one to two times per week. It is recommended that the children s parents, at the moment of opting for this treatment, get to know the physiotherapists who shall treat their children s experience and the institutions to encourage professionals to update and search for an appropriate specialization in order to better therapeutic use.
síndrome de Down , estimulação precoce , fisioterapia , early intervention , physical therapy
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