Plataforma para a certificação e auditoria em empresas: estratégias para o desenvolvimento de um negócio inovador

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Silva, Ricardo Valente da
Caldeira, Adilson
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Ghobril, Alexandre Nabil
Oliva, Fábio Lotti
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
Title: Platform for Certification and Auditing in Companies: Strategies for the Development of an Innovative Business Keywords: certification, business development, strategy, innovation, marketplace. Introduction: This text describes the project carried out with the aim of developing the business model for a transaction platform for services related to certification, especially auditing services, in a marketplace model. Methodology used: With the concern of giving scientific character to the work, the method of solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities proposed by Marcondes, Miguel, Franklin and Perez (2017) was followed. Researched context: The certification market involves auditors, certifiers, legislative agents and evaluators and, mainly, companies interested in acquiring certifications so that it is possible to expand business, ensure quality, reduce costs, provide credibility, comply with current legislation and achieve international acceptance. Given the complexity determined by the quantity and diversity of agents involved, bringing the different agents together on a single platform to reduce the search time for specialized professionals, certifying companies and auditors, would be an opportunity to provide added value to all parties involved. Situation Diagnosis: In order to better adapt the structural aspects of the model designed, the analysis of macro-environmental scenarios and trends in the competitive environment were started, such as the current size and potential market, as well as the gaps existing due to needs and desires not yet satisfactorily met. Then, we sought to define internal aspects, starting with the determination of what would be the value proposal that would meet the expectations of the clients and the technological solution applied to the transaction of audit services in certification, proceeding with the analysis of financial viability of the project. Proposed intervention: The diagnosis carried out led to the design of a business model for the creation of a new company with an innovative proposal to offer value, embraced by entrepreneurs who bring their knowledge of the certification market, information technology, marketplace and investment capacity. The idea considers the trends of the technological scenario and the concepts of shared economy and networked business orchestration, in which the market is currently developing. Achieved Results: Given the data considered, the analysis presented, the value proposal tested and validated by agents working in the target market and the current stage of implementation, the proposal proved to be feasible, with an effective capacity to constitute a business that involves a favorable situation of return on investment required from partners, who will use their own resources to enable the best use of the opportunity and, in a subsequent phase, will implement the business model developed in this project. Technological, Economic and Social Impact: In addition to the impact resulting from the creation of an innovative business model for the sector, it is expected that the sharing of experience provides the potential for replication in equivalent situations. Therefore, it is expected to contribute to the development of management technology and providing expansion of security and turnover in the market, in order to have a favorable impact on the evolutionary dynamics of the economic environment and the development of society's quality of life.
Certificação , Desenvolvimento de negócios , Estratégia , Inovação , Marketplace , Economia , Compartilhamento
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SILVA, Ricardo Valente da. Plataforma para a certificação e auditoria em empresas: estratégias para o desenvolvimento de um negócio inovador. 2020. 62 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo. 2020.