Relatos de mães sobre o momento do diagnóstico em diferentes contextos da deficiência

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Sanches, Luciana de Assis Silva e
Fiamenghi Jr, Geraldo Antônio
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This work intended to know how mothers of deaf, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy children received the news of their children‟s disability. It aimed to know feelings and maternal reactions to the diagnosis, as well as the attitudes of the professionals in that moment. 18 mothers of children (aged 5 to 12 years) participated in this study. Results showed that despite the kind of disability there is no difference in emotional reactions to the news. Communication of diagnosis is normally inadequate, showing a lack of technical ability, as well as emotional involvement of health professionals. Mothers‟ expectancies are different. Mothers of deaf children showed better expectancies related to their children‟s future, being school mostly responsible for that. Mothers of cerebral palsy children project their hopes in areas related to improvement of physical and motor conditions. Mothers of Down syndrome children haven‟t shown much expectancy for medium and long term future, expressing in their reports the goals already attained by the children. Concerning health professionals all the mothers suggest a true, informing and clear communication, considering possible treatments and resources. It is adamant for the mothers that professionals show respect and caring attitudes when communicating a disability. Regardless of the disability, parents experience a lot of suffering and the professional attitude concerning the communication of a disability is an essential factor for the acceptance and comprehension of the disabled child.
deficiência auditiva , síndrome de Down , paralisia cerebral , mães, sentimentos , reações , notícia , deafness , Down syndrome , cerebral palsy , mothers , feelings , reactions , news
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