Acordos de cooperação e inovação: um estudo de micro, pequena e média empresas em arranjo produtivo local (APL)

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Gomes, José Gilson de Lucena
Zilber, Moisés Ari
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Bido, Diógenes de Souza
Porto, Geciane Silveira
Perez, Gilberto
Hourneaux Junior, Flavio
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With the increasing globalization of markets, increased competition, speed and complexity of technological change, companies are being led to open their borders, moving from a traditionally static and slow-moving to a more Dynamic and adaptable. Of the many strategies a company can use to stay competitive in the midst of so many transformations in today's world, cooperation is seen as one among many that can drive a company to success. In the literature, different meanings are found for the same type of cooperation. This is the case of partnerships, strategic alliances, agreements, contracts, among others. And although there is an emerging consensus on cooperation being essential for innovation, in literature it is still inconclusive, especially for small businesses. Therefore, the present study aimed to identify the different forms of cooperation in micro, small and medium-sized footwear companies located in APLS (Local Productive Arrangements) and to verify if they actually contribute to innovation. For that, qualitative and quantitative research methods were used. For the qualitative research, semi - structured interviews with entrepreneurs and representatives of the footwear sector were carried out in Campina Grande, PB, analyzed according to the techniques defended by Bardin. The results showed that in the APL surveyed companies have a low level of interaction, cooperation and coordination despite the strong contribution that companies receive from the third sector such as SEBRAE and SENAI. Nevertheless, it has been observed that innovation is present due to some forms of cooperation. For the quantitative research, a survey was carried out, with data from 50 companies, 28 of APL of Campina Grande and 22 of APLs from other regions, aiming to test a model relating the constructs Agreements of Cooperation with Innovation. For the data analysis, univariate statistical techniques and multivariate techniques were applied through Structural equation modeling (SEM) using the Partil Least Square (PLS) method. The results showed that the innovation measure used had no direct influence on the cooperation agreements. However, it was found that cooperation agreements can contribute to innovation.
acordos de cooperação , inovação em APL , práticas inovadoras , pequenas empresas
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GOMES, José Gilson de Lucena. Acordos de cooperação e inovação: um estudo de micro, pequena e média empresas em arranjo produtivo local (APL). 2017. 167 f. Tese (Administração de Empresas) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.