Centro Histórico Mackenzie: memória institucional

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Altimeyer, Helen Yara
Giora, Regina Célia Faria Amaro
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Bueno, Marcelo Martins
Vergueiro, Waldomiro de Castro Santos
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
Mackenzie is a centenary educational institution which, since 1870, has been acting as the agent of a series of pedagogical innovations in the educational scenario of the country. In order to preserve its history, it created in 1997 the Mackenzie Historic Center – CHM, aiming to keep the history of the institution alive and well-maintained. Working on a historical perspective and resorting to unpublished documentation, we propose to describe, by raising data of its creation, the intentions and goals of the Mackenzie Historic Center, emphasizing events on the period between 1997 and 2015. The main interest is to identify the reasons and motivations for the preservation of the institutional memory. The initial hypotheses peer over the objectives of Mackenzie Historic Center, with its creation being either by force of law or by ideological reasons, and to its current function, which makes it an effective Memory Center. In order to fulfill the objective, this research is structured in two parts. Firstly, it describes what Mackenzie Historic Center is, retrieving documentation of its conception, including the goals set and presenting the developed activities. Secondly, it addresses the issue of the salvage of institutional memory, presenting more detailedly the project “Projeto Memória Mackenzie” (Mackenzie Memory Project) and, through the retrieval of oral history, the reports of two former Mackenzie students: Tatiana Belinky and Zilda Sampaio Perroni that contribute, with their interview, to the understanding of the factors that constitute the institutional memory. In the conclusion, it is considered attested that the Mackenzie Historic Center has become a strategic managing place of the historic documental collection, with relevant contributions to the preservation of the institutional memory.
Centro Histórico Mackenzie , memória institucional , história oral
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ALTIMEYER, Helen Yara. Centro Histórico Mackenzie: memória institucional. 2016. 115 f. Dissertação ( Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.