Bifunctional fluorescent benzimidazo[1,2-α]quinolines for Candida spp. biofilm detection and biocidal activity

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Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology
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de Souza I.O.P.
Schrekker C.M.L.
Lopes W.
Orru R.V.A.
Hranjec M.
Perin N.
Machado M.
Oliveira L.F.
Donato R.K.
Stefani V.
Fuentefria A.M.
Schrekker H.S.
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© 2016 Elsevier B.V.Biofilms provide an ideal environment for protecting the microbial cells from damage caused by humoral and cellular immune system components, promoting resistance, infections and increasing mortality and morbidity of patients in health facilities. In an attempt to provide an innovative solution for preventing contamination in hospital environments, this study evaluated nine structural complementary fluorescent benzimidazo[1,2-α]quinolines as bifunctional agents that both detect and have biocidal activity against yeast biofilms on stainless steel surfaces. The benzimidazoles' staining capability was determined by a fluorescence microscopy study and spraying the substance on yeast biofilm contaminated stainless steel surfaces. Furthermore, their in vitro human leukocyte cytotoxicity was evaluated with trypan blue and their biocidal activity was determined as the minimum inhibitory concentration against Candida tropicalis, C. albicans and C. parapsilosis strains. Moreover, scanning electron micrographs were recorded to study the biocidal activity. This resulted in the identification of 7, which presents all the desired characteristics (such as solubility) and capabilities (staining and biocide activity against all tested biofilm forming yeast strains) at the same time. As such, benzimidazole 7 has the potential to guarantee the use of disinfected medical and surgical instruments in clinical and surgical procedures, consequently, contributing to an increased safety for patients.
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Antifungal Agents , Biofilms , Candida albicans , Drug Resistance, Fungal , Fluorescent Dyes , Microbial Sensitivity Tests , Quinolines