Papel da educação ambiental no processo de criação de SGA em instituições de ensino de educação básica

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Cassab, Ricardo
Mizukami , Maria da Graça Nicoletti
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Andrade, Maria de Fátima Ramos de
Garcia, Paulo Sérgio
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
Few everyday issues have so much social appeal, academic applicability and interdisciplinary potential as environmental issues. The fact that the natural elements have their specificities contributed in the most different sciences, coupled with the necessary adaptation of human behavior to the capacity of resilience of the Earth, explains, respectively, at least in part, the diffusion of academic papers and densification of the international conferences pertaining to the environmental themes. In this prism, from these conferences and discussions, normative tools emerge and promote social environments, private or private, committed to the adequacy of their procedures with a view to sustainability. The EMS, in the light of what ISO 14001 proposes, is an example of this. Diffused in the 90s, it proposes essential parameters to create an environmental management system that meets the legal needs, market imperatives and expectations of companies that, in this work, are represented by institutions of Basic Education. It is in this background that Environmental Education gains strength and attention. It is an accelerating and consolidating mechanism for these green practices, especially in school settings. Therefore, the objective of this dissertation is to discuss the role of environmental education in the process of creating EMS in institutions of basic education. For that, the methodology used was qualitative descriptive, with documentary analysis, data collection, interviews and questionnaires applied. More than 22 teachers and 70 elementary school students from two private educational institutions were heard in the process, one located in the city of Curitiba-PR and the other in the state capital. The results uncovered, once again, the precarious reality of teaching environmental education in schools. The attention, even if insipient, usually happens in institutions of higher education. The curricula and pedagogical plans do not meet the legal requirements concerning what NCPs or BNCC suggest. The teaching discourse does not meet the expectations of the students and, therefore, are rare the schools that, today, have consolidated environmental practices and directing body, teacher and student, engaged in the exploration of environmental management systems in their institutions. Finally, the documentary analyzes and testimonial opinions of this dissertation point to the unique role of environmental education in this process that, in the light of interdisciplinarity, is capable of transforming scrutinized reality.
educação ambiental , sistema de gestão ambiental , ISO 14001 , meio ambiente , interdisciplinaridade
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CASSAB, Ricardo. Papel da educação ambiental no processo de criação de SGA em instituições de ensino de educação básica. 2019. 90 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019.