Sustentação e desenvolvimento de Aceleradora de Startup

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Mendes, Gabriel Martins
Marcondes, Reynaldo Cavalheiro
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Ghobril, Alexandre Nabil
Almeida, Martinho Isnard Ribeiro de
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
This study aims to present the proposed initiatives to solve an operational problem that limit the startup accelerator growth, Bluefields Development, based in São Paulo city. Initially, the identified problem was the low revenue of the acceleration programs, frustrating the expansion of company’s portfolio. This paper presents the startup accelerator market, main competitors, problem diagnosis, proposed solution for the identified problems, action plan, the intervention and results obtained during the research. The strategy adopted to solve the problem included offering a wider range of corporate accelerate product, with innovative way, in order to cover the stakeholders of the startups ecosystem, including large corporations that would be interested in innovating their products and process. To achieve this objective, Bluefields developed and offered four new products and discontinued one of them. It was prepared an action plan to implement each product of the expanded portfolio, including an analysis of expected financial returns with the final purpose of achieving its financial sustainability. These analyses were complemented by the assessment of internal and external threats and risks for each product. The study is aligned with Bluefields’ Board, which approved all the proposed steps to guarantee its applicability. The author faced a complex environment during the research, due to the characteristics of the business of accelerator companies, to find other ways to help entrepreneurs to achieve fasters results and improve the companies’ revenue. In order to understand the best solution for the identified issue, the author engaged in conversations with the main internal stakeholders and gathered external opinions and academic references.
startup , empreendedorismo , aceleradora de negócios , solução de problema , aceleradora corporativa
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MENDES, Gabriel Martins. Sustentação e desenvolvimento de Aceleradora de Startup. 2019. 50 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019.