Teatro Municipal de São Paulo: da percepção do patrimônio à experiência estética

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Donato, Célia Cristina Rodrigues de
Martins, Mirian Celeste Ferreira Dias
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Masini, Elcie Aparecida Fortes Salzano
Parejo, Enny
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
The main aim of this research is to investigate the Municipal Theater of São Paulo that was built by the high society s patronage of the São Paulo s coffee industry to be the city s opera house in 1911. The Municipal Theater was recognized as a cultural heritage by its history, architecture and active place, and it offers many attractions, such as the School of Music, the School of Ballet and the Museum. The search had the purpose of checking the relation between who lives in town and at the Municipal Theater, so the focus is directly to the passerby who sits on the steps and their perceptions of the cultural heritage, the Theater attendance, their feelings, the concerned of the Theater, and the exercise of practicing the musical listening, which is a mechanism for an aesthetic experience. Furthermore, others efforts were a better view of the cultural heritage and its important contact, the artistic enjoyment, the cultural mediation, which allowed the cultural heritage s access, the cultural areas and all the artistic languages involved, the belief on the potential of the art and the mediator- educator that influences the art.
Teatro Municipal de São Paulo , mediação cultural , patrimônio cultural , experiência estética , transeuntes , Municipal Theater of São Paulo , cultural mediation , cultural heritage , aesthetic experience , passerby