Percepçăo do espaço híbrido: mídia eletrônica no espaço construído na segunda metade do século XX

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Diniz, Matheus Ramos de Godoy
Villac, Maria Isabel
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Guerra Neto, Abílio da Silva
Cabral Filho, Jose dos Santos
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
This paper deals with the selection and analysis of works of art and architecture made in the second half of the twentieth century, involving the use of elements of electronic media or perception altering techniques on the built environment, either in the scale of the building or in the scale of the city, and analyzed their effects on the spatial perception of the user. It was considered that the socio-cultural situation of the studied period, addressing historical events of an economic and cultural nature, would be relevant to the understanding the current situation, which was described in Chapter 2. The central focuses of this dissertation are the concepts and the analyzed works. The studied concepts were elected by their importance and relevance to the studied theme. Surface, imagetic thought and the spatializiation of the body were studied in order to structure the analysis of the selected works. Also discussed is the growing presence of image and electronic media in the urban environment and how this can lead to new social practices and changes in the practice of the disciplines of architecture and urbanism. The concepts of technique and ethics were studied, establishing the strategy of analytic critique that we applied to the selected works. This segment of the dissertation was developed in Chapter 3. The selected works were grouped and analyzed based on their spatial characteristics, mode of perception, image strategy and interactivity in order to provide a representative picture of the use of elements of electronic media or perception altering techniques on the built environment. The works were analyzed in Chapter 4.
arte , arquitetura , tecnologia , mídia , arte interativa , superfície , pensamento imagético , espacialização corporal , técnica , ética , art , architecture , technology , media , interactive art , surface , imagetic thought , bodily spatialization , technique , ethics
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