Estratégias de inovação para o desenvolvimento de negócios em uma empresa de soluções de tecnologia

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Silva, Roberto Araujo da
Caldeira, Adilson
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Medeiros Júnior, Alberto de
Orsi, Ademar
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
Subject:This project aims to present Technort’s innovation strategies to grab opportunities for business development, a national small company in firing prevent segment. The identified opportunity arises from demand of companies in varied sectors and sizes for security products and services in an optimized relationship between costs and benefits, compatible with their size and businesses, not affording to renunciate to quality concerns. Aplication: Diagnosis initially took in account directors and leadership perception one division, the most inefficient among all, such commercial as in financial terms. Considering information and scenarios projections about macro environment tendencies, such as Economy, Politics, Environment, Technology and its influence in the activity sector of the company, it tried to estimate possible impact of conditions to dwell in business performance. Based upon that analysis it tried to identify the existent and necessary strengths, the weaknesses to minimize, to empower the use of opportunities and to face the threats. Inovation: The result of analysis directed the project focus searching for ways to turn innovation as a reference in company behavior per passing the way of work of its managers and collaborators, as a path to business development by creation of value to its clients and resulting in sales leverage. Impact: The final impact expected for the project is promotion of business development through behavior changes in management process, due to cause innovative and differentiated solutions, with benefits to competitive advantage of company. Since the beginning it raised to benefits coming from the engagement of the working group in participating in analysis and discussion of possible enhancement in business model, demonstrating interest in the project since its first step. This behavior, stimulated, mainly by the company managers, constitutes an impact in way by how business is run. Complexity: The project found difficulties due to the lack of specific knowledge in área the company plays and every day activities, especially in most technical concerns. Besides the low availability of managers and leaders, due to their commitment at work, there was the Pandemic that took employees away from office, with vacation and activities reducing in general. The main supplier refused to release information about competitors so that they were obtained based upon information the company has about the market. Method and procedures: It has adopted a methodology of problem solution and taking opportunities proposed by Marcondes, Miguel, Franklin e Perez (2017). It began by understanding the opportunity, followed by analysis and diagnosis of the situation that led to solution proposals.
equipamento para prevenção de incêndio , desenvolvimento de negócios , oportunidade , inovação
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SILVA, Roberto Araujo da. Estratégias de inovação para o desenvolvimento de negócios em uma empresa de soluções de tecnologia. 2021. 42 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.