Perceptions regarding sustainable innovation in marketing in the Brazilian fast food sector

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International Journal of Sustainable Development
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Madeira A.B.
de Medeiros F.G.
Perez G.
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Copyright © 2022 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.This study sought to understand experts’ perceptions regarding sustainable innovations in marketing in the fast food sector in Brazil. As a research method, it used in-depth interviews and convenience sampling, with eight interviewees, including researchers, managers, and consultants with at least 10 years of experience in the fast food sector. By analysing the content of the interviews (using the 13 pre-existing categories from the literature review, plus two new categories that emerged), it was noted that the interviewees found it difficult to identify the concept of sustainability. In addition, the Brazilian context appears to be an obstacle for the adoption of more sustainable consumption habits by the population in general, due to an educational gap. The interviewees indicated the need to develop public policies for the country to enable the implementation of sustainable innovations. There is little evidence of specific sustainable innovations in the fast food sector in Brazil.
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Brazil , Expert’ perception on sustainability , Fast food , Fast food sector in brazil , Food sector , Innovation , Marketing in the fast food sector , Sustainable consumption , Sustainable innovation , Sustainable innovation in marketing
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