As marcas da oralidade em jornais populares: um estudo sobre os editoriais do jornal Agora São Paulo

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Paiero, Priscila Cristina
Hilgert, José Gaston
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Hanna, Vera Lúcia Harabagi
Aquino, Zilda Gaspar Oliveira de
This work aims to study the orality in written text. To investigate the subject, our study will be developed by analyzing editorials of the newspaper Agora São Paulo. The research was based on the Theory of Enunciation, in fundamentals that study face to face interactions in the continuum range of text types proposed by Luiz Antonio Marcuschi, and in the editorial conception as a genre of text. We intend to examine how this kind of text is structured in this newspaper in order to achieve its goal: optimize communication with their readers. Research development reveals the contradictory relationship between the traditional rules that guide the traditional way of an enuncive text and the readers features for which the newspaper is printed. As its audience demands a closer approach, direct and informal, the newspaper Agora São Paulo needs to do concessions when develops (writes) its editorial using an enunciative language. The traits that constitute the text are evident in particular on the comparison between the editorial of the newspaper Agora Sao Paulo with another means of communication of the same company, the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. This text tends to evidence standards considered "objective" and "impartial", i.e., remains faithful to the traditional features that constitute the traditional genre of publishing. In synthesis, the research aims to show how the linguistic-discursive purposes of the writers to achieve their enunciate needs, often, to change the features of an established genre text.
oralidade , enunciação , enunciado , editorial , Agora São Paulo , interação , texto , orality , enunciation , statement , editorial , Agora São Paulo , text
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