O nascimento da dança dramática: narrativa de uma experiência de teatro-dança com alunos do ensino fundamental

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Floriano, Aline Tosta
Tiburi, Marcia Angelita
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Martins, Mirian Celeste Ferreira Dias
Pinto, Karen Astrid Müller
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
The trajectory covered in this research had as a starting point a previous project developed, by the researcher herself, in a Public School, located in the city of Bertioga, northern coastline of São Paulo state. Taking as the starting point the education through the art, more specifically the theater education , an investigation concerning the developed processes among students including the teenager age (from 10 to 15 years old) was proposed trying to approach the spontaneity in the classroom and the theoretical research. From this point, the awareness of the artistic process took important directions for the involved teachers, especially for the author of the research, as well for the students participants of the project. The object of this research was in construction during all the route of the paper through theories that dialogued among themselves with authors like Augusto Boal, Viola Spolin and my action as an educator based on Paulo Freire‟s purposes. The surprising aspect in this research was given in the daily perception that, gradually, the theater we looked for overcame itself getting to the dance. The dance appeared for the group as a process of freedom into the theater and, to better investigate what has happened. I went deeper into my investigation in theoretical of the area theater dance, giving more emphasis in aspects of theater dance of Pina Bausch . A long time before the investigation, in our spontaneous aspects, we used to call our action of Dramatic Dance, in the context of the group. The dramatic dance intimately related, by affinity, with the theater dance, ended up in choreography, elaborated by me and the involved students. The choreography is entitled metamorphose and it intends to demonstrate through the Theater Dance that the transformations wanted were achieved.
arte-educação , teatro-dança , experiência , dança dramática , metamorfose , art-education , theater-dance , experience , dramatic dance , metamorphosis
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