Envelhecimento ativo e saudável e os espaços públicos na cidade contemporânea: os casos da Praça Victor Civita e do Parque Linear Cantinho do Céu, São Paulo

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Moysés, Tatiana de Girolamo
Alvim, Angélica Aparecida Tanus Benatti
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Castro, Luiz Guilherme Rivera de
Schicchi, Maria Cristina da Silva
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
This study approaches urban public spaces and elderly people in the perspective of active and healthy aging. It was assumed that urban public spaces must be qualified to shelter multiple activities that involves several age groups, mainly elderly people, contributing then, to an Active and Healthy Aging. This work seek to collaborate, specially, at the awareness of architects, urbanists and other professionals in this area, highlighting the importance and influence form public spaces to provide such aging and insertion from elderly people in these social interaction and human contact places. It synthesize the main international and Brazilian public politics destined to third age population. Presents an evaluation methodology of public spaces using by the elderly people, specifically at the following aspects: 1. Physical Accessibility; 2. Structure for Permanence; 3. Activities; 4. Social Interaction; 5. Space and Welfare. Thus, it were analyzed two public spaces resulting from intervention projects implanted during the last decade at the city of São Paulo. One of these public spaces is located in a consolidated area and the other in a precarious settlement area. Thereby, it was concluded that the case studies comply with meeting, personal and collective experiences exchange, collaborating to a positive personal perception towards individual aging from those that were studied, mainly on the aspects like health, independency and autonomy of the elderly people. Otherwise, there are still some negative aspects like the no existence of activities for the over 60 year’s old people and the low maintenance of public spaces studied.
envelhecimento ativo , envelhecimento saudável , espaços públicos , políticas públicas
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MOYSÉS, Tatiana de Girolamo. Envelhecimento ativo e saudável e os espaços públicos na cidade contemporânea: os casos da praça Victor Civita e do parque Linear Cantinho do Céu, São Paulo. 2017. 263 f. Dissertação ( Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.