O profissional de sustentabilidade nas organizações: uma análise das suas trajetórias e narrativas de aprendizagem experiencial

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Oliveira, Ana Lúcia Kropf Stockler de
Brunstein, Janette
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Sambiase, Marta Fabiano
Hourneaux Júnior, Flávio
Prando, Roberto Augusto
Coelho Júnior, Pedro Jaime
Administração de Empresas
This study aims to discuss the context in which sustainability professionals emerge, how they have learned in the exercise of their functions and their role in organizations. For this, the research addressed the conceptual bases on the sustainability theme and analyzed the learning processes of this professional considering the Experiential Learning Theory. Currently, the pressures of the whole society in relation to the dilemmas of sustainability have been intensifying day after day. There is also recognition that companies can play a significant role in promoting sustainability. In the midst of this dynamic, the professionals of sustainability emerge in the market, as a response of the business to this movement of pressure and engagement. Therefore, this study aims to describe and analyze the performance trajectory of these sustainability professionals throughout the exercise of their functions, seeking to understand their process of learning. As a secondary objective, it sought to analyze and discuss the role and place that this professional has been occupying in the organizations, knowing challenges, difficulties, advances and tendencies in their trajectories. For that, a qualitative research anchored in the interpretative paradigm was conducted, which strategy of investigation was the analysis of narratives. In the first stage of the research, a systematic review of the literature on sustainability professionals was carried out. In the second stage, 12 sustainability professionals from different companies were interviewed. The results show that the majority of companies are still in the development phase of sustainability and that the role of this professional is still in the process of making sense. Some of them take the business speech and are there with the mission to transform that agenda that was imposed on companies for profit or other benefits. It is when his efforts focus on "speaking the language of business," and his job is simply to make the area palatable to the corporate universe. Its trajectories are permeated by learning processes, especially informal ones, and by several challenges, among them: "illiteracy" in sustainability in companies, the need to recognize their relevance and the constant threat of downsizing in the area. In terms of advances, the increase in pressure from the new generations and from society, as well as a greater accumulation of knowledge about sustainability, stand out. As for the trends, these oscillate between positive and negative perspectives. It is hoped that the study may have contributed to mapping the trajectory of these professionals in Brazil.
sustentabilidade , responsabilidade social , desenvolvimento sustentável , profissional de sustentabilidade , aprendizagem experiencial
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OLIVEIRA, Ana Lúcia Kropf Stockler de. O profissional de sustentabilidade nas organizações: uma análise das suas trajetórias e narrativas de aprendizagem experiencial. 2018. 172 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Administração de Empresas) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.