A crítica materialista da democracia: forma jurídica e a autonomia relativa do estado

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Santos, Adriano Camargo Barbosa dos
Almeida, Silvio Luiz de
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Vellozo, Julio Cesar de Oliveira
Caldas, Camilo Onoda Luiz
Direito Político e Econômico
The present work seeks to analyze the nature of democracy within a Pachukanian legal Marxist perspective and the materialist theory of the State of Joachim Hirsch. In Pachukan's legal view law becomes understood with legal subjectivity as its atom, and Hirsch within this Pachukanian view makes a derivation of the State as a social form that conforms to the legal form. The separation between the "public" and the "private", possible only with the advent of the legal form and the state political form allow the existence of democracy. However, democracy can exist in and only in capitalism, but it must not exist, it is not an imperative. The institutional arrangements, resulting from the relations of force from the class struggle, preserve or extinguish democracy. In addition, the valorization of value when it enters into a crisis of accumulation, its tendency law of the form of fall value of the rate of profit impels objective coercions on the classes that will determine a democratic capitalism, as in the case of Fordism, or a dissociation between capitalism and democracy, as in post-Fordism. With the intermediate concepts of the theory of French regulation that integrate the materialist theory of the State of Joachim Hirsch, the relations between the regime of accumulation and the mode of regulation determined by the contradictions and social antagonisms of capitalism determine the existence or not of democracy. To think of democracy in a materialistic bias is to exclude ideological analyzes of the emancipatory potential of democracy, which is nothing but a more totalitarian form of containing the class struggle and the valorization of value. Communism and democracy are antagonistic goals.
democracia , sujeito-cidadão , forma jurídica , forma política estatal , capitalismo , fordismo , pós-fordismo
SANTOS, Adriano Camargo Barbosa dos. A crítica materialista da democracia: forma jurídica e a autonomia relativa do estado. 2018. 118 f. Dissertação (Direito Político e Econômico) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.