A (des) construçăo de uma nova centralidade: Cidade Tognato em Săo Bernardo do Campo

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Oliveira, Henry dos Santos
Somekh, Nadia
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Alvim, Angélica Aparecida Tanus Benatti
Schiffer, Sueli Terezinha Ramos
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The Greater ABC Paulista region, known for being the cradle of political unionism and accommodate large industries and car manufacturers, became after the end of 1950s an important economic centrality of the country. The region is under deep transformations since the late 1990s in their urban space involving urban renewal of large central areas, traditionally industrialized in degradation and spatial underuse process, the productive restructuring from some economic sectors consequences. The urban renewal of these areas, located strategically along the entire urban centralities the diversity of supply of services, shopping centers, culture and leisure are significant in drawing up a strategic urban planning to mitigate known issues these cities have inherited over the last 60 years of exclusive development as the slums, economic informality, poor or without access to essential services, environmental degradation, long journeys combined with high costs and poor quality of public transport. The urban renewal project discussed in this paper in greater depth, known as Cidade Tognato, is one of these cases, a large degraded area situated in a prime area of São Bernardo do Campo, with access to complete urban infrastructure, commercial and cultural centers and city services quality. The project Cidade Tognato, of private enterprise, had strong evolving and investment of local government to enable auxiliary infrastructure adding six works in São Bernardo Moderna Program and especially in articulating laws and establishment aid for debt conversion with the city public treasury of Tecelagem e Fiação Tognato into three lots, offered in four auctions. In this paper, we attempt to associate the concepts and best practices disseminated by academics works of urban projects fields by the Local Development Programme, in rebuilding and reinventing cities process, mainly european models assessing burdens and benefits associated to the large ABC within São Paulo metropolis.
desenvolvimento local , requalificação urbana , tecido urbano , Cidade Tognato , São Bernardo Moderna , local development , urban renewal , urban tissue , Cidade Tognato , São Bernardo Moderna
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OLIVEIRA, Henry dos Santos. A (des) construçăo de uma nova centralidade: Cidade Tognato em Săo Bernardo do Campo. 2015. 133 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2015.