Identidade brasileira e condição do negro em "Viva o Povo Brasileiro" de João Ubaldo Ribeiro

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Grecchi, Rosana Bignami
Bridi, Marlise Vaz
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The present work is based on the conception that the Brazilian identity has been constructed in accordance with the "Myth of the Three Races" White, Indian and Black, and in which pillar the condition of each component element is structured. It is affirmed that racial prejudice doesn't exist in Brazil and that Brazilian is a homogeneous and crossbred fusing of people, originated from the mixture of the three mentioned races. It is also believed that Brazil, in having racial prejudice, its manifestations are less severe than in other regions of the World. The study seeks to deepen the racial question in the hybrid composition of the Brazilian cultural identity. It describes terms like race and ethnicity, identity and hybridism, literary discourse and degradation (lowering). It reports on the condition of the Black in the composition of the Brazilian identity, verifying the circumstances in which the national identity has been formed. It analyzes the racial, social and cultural theories and the discourse on the inferiority of the Black race. It analyzes Viva o Povo Brasileiro by João Ubaldo Ribeiro. It questions the use of the term race and seeks to identify in the literary discourse the evidential elements regarding racism in the language, bringing them to the light of the contemporary context, in the guise of conclusion.
identidade brasileira , raça , etnia , racismo , hibridismo , discurso literário , negro , linguagem , inferioridade , brazilian identity , race , ethnicity , racism , hybridism , literary discourse , black , language , inferiority