Aplicação da metodologia LDA para gestão do risco operacional de companhia seguradora

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Assad, Alaim Mosciaro
Basso, Leonardo Fernando Cruz
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Kimura, Herbert
Cia, Josilmar Cordenonssi
Campos, Anderson Luis Saber
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The Operational Risk did not receive much attention from firms, regulators and the market until the event of the fraud on Bahrings Bank, in 1995. The regulatory agencies have issued more complex and rigorous regulations in reply to this and to many other events of operational losses. Their goal is to improve the quality of the controls of the financial institutions, as well as to mitigate the occurrence of new events of this kind. As a new discipline, the regulatory agencies have been incentivizing the financial firms to develop advance approaches based on internal models. In response, they shall have a decrease on the regulatory capital applicable. In other hand, the financial firms themselves shall benefit from na internal model that fits their characteristics, and so, as taylor made. The goal of this research is to study the development of an internal model for operational risk, based on LDA, which has been largely used by financial firms worldwide. The focus on an Insurance company is due to the expressive growth of this market in the later years, which has giving it an increasing importance to the national economy as well as institutional investors role.
risco operacional , loss distribution approach , VAR , Monte Carlo , seguradoras , operational risk , loss distribution approach , VAR , Monte Carlo , insurance companies
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