Enhancing individuals' cognition, intelligence and sharing digital/web-based knowledge using virtual reality and information visualization techniques and tools within K-12 education and its impact on democratizing the society

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Cognitive and Emotional Processes in Web-Based Education: Integrating Human Factors and Personalization
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Franco J.F.
Ficheman I.K.
Zuffo M.K.
Venancio V.
de Deus Lopes R.
Moreno M.
Freitas M.G.S.
Leite A.L.B.F.
Almeida G.
da Cruz S.R.R.
Matias M.A.
Franco N.F.
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This chapter addresses an ongoing work strategy for developing and sharing knowledge related to digital/Web-based technology and multimedia tools, information visualization, computer graphics, desktop virtual reality techniques in combination with art/education. It includes a large body of research about advanced and contemporary technologies and their use for stimulating individuals' education. These interactive processes of researching, developing and sharing knowledge have been carried out through interdisciplinary and collaborative learning and teaching experiences in the context of k-12 education in a primary public school and its surrounding community. The learning and direct manipulation of advanced and contemporary technologies have improved individuals' technical skills, stimulated cooperative and collaborative work and innovations in the way of developing school's curriculum content as well as supported ones' independent learning. Furthermore, there have been changes on individuals' mental models, behavior and cultural changes related to reflecting about diverse possibilities of using information and communication technology within collaborative formal and informal sustainable life-long learning and teaching actions. © 2009, IGI Global.
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