A arte na contemporaneidade: Presenteausente: da experiência de passagem para a existência

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Duarte, Keller Regina Viotto
Rizolli, Marcos
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Azevedo, Wilton Luiz de
Tiburi, Marcia Angelita
Eluf, Lygia Arcuri
Spaniol, José Paiani
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
The work developed presents the setting and occupation PRESENT/ABSENT, embodied through a photo job made by the artist. Its result is presented in the first part of the work and reveals the fictional and artistic self refered approach the author gave to the process as a narration of the research's paths, which are shown in the second part of the work. In a dialogue between times and spaces, it was necessary to build up environments for that artistic production. They can be hypermedia spaces (virtual space mainly on internet, such as blogs and social nets) as well as regular spaces (real environment such as the one selected, which is a hotel room) here named as the artist cabin. The artist family album is considered the starting point for a gathering and selection of the artist s father pictures, together with some personal objects of his. Those objects make up the data that will be related to other artist images produced in different times and spaces aiming at a new fictional and self-referenced creation. This way the artistic creation is developed building up new materials making use of specific elements of visual languages presented in the compositions through similar and contrastive approaches. From this action it can be identified the passage experience as much as the existence. In this study, both the artist and her father s existences are revealed in a expressive-reflected dimension embodied in an interdisciplinary doctoral these as a contemporary artistic production.
arte na contemporaneidade , modo de produção artística , autorreferência , cabine do artista , instalação/ocupação , arte e interdisciplinaridade , art in contemporaneity , artistic production way , artist cabin , installation/occupation , art and interdisciplinary thinking
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DUARTE, Keller Regina Viotto. A arte na contemporaneidade: Presenteausente: da experiência de passagem para a existência. 2014. 136 f. Tese (Doutorado em Educação, Arte e História) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2014.