A intencionalidade e a situacionalidade nas obras teatrais: O Rei da Vela, de Oswald de Andrade e A Moratória, de Jorge Andrade

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Torrecillas, Maria Vera Cardoso
Pinto, Elisa Guimarães
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Madeira, Wagner Martins
Baptista, Ana Maria Haddad
This dissertation aims at analyzing based on Textual Linguistics and Speech Analysis two theater plays: Oswald de Andrade s O Rei da Vela, and Jorge Andrade s A Moratória. Both plays focus on the economic crisis Brazil was going through in 1929; such crisis was provoked by the enormous fall in coffee prices; coffe was then the main product of national economy; both plays also portray the consequences of such crisis upon society, as well as the social changes families belonging to coffee elite had to undergo. A Moratória tells the story of a rural aristocratic family next to ankruptcy. Besides individual conflicts before a degrading social environment, the play portrays the hints of a slow and definitive changing process in the structure of São Paulo s families. The social and economic reality provoked by the 1929 crisis is presented through despair and hopes of Joaquim s family. Individual and family conflicts filter social analysis. O Rei da Vela focuses on the same Brazilian historical period. The author criticizes the industrialization process, and pokes fun of several aspects of Brazilian. The play presents a decadent rural aristocracy that tries, through marriage, regain the privileges it used to have; it also shows bourgeoisie in social ascension through jobbery, and conquering a place in society through economically motivated marriages. Demoralization and the reprehension of costumes are the play s guidelines. Though both works deal with the same subject, each author has his own way of representing the same historical moment, as well as different standpoints. Oswald de Andrade shows the crisis from the viewpoint of the social class making profit out of it: the industrial bourgeoisie. Jorge Andrade deals with the crisis from the aristocracy s viewpoint. The analysis of these theatre plays are based on texts by Robert-Alain Beaugrande and Wolfgang Ulrich Dressler, Eni Orlandi, Elisa Guimarães, Ingedore G. Villaça Koch, who deal with the marks of textuality and the relationship of language with exteriority.
intencionalidade , aceitabilidade , situacionalidade , discurso , lingüística textual , intentionality , acceptability , situationality , speech , textual linguists
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TORRECILLAS, Maria Vera Cardoso. A intencionalidade e a situacionalidade nas obras teatrais: O Rei da Vela, de Oswald de Andrade e A Moratória, de Jorge Andrade. 2008. 147 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2008.