Morfologia e segurança nos espaços públicos: a praça Roosevelt em São Paulo

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Inácio, Bruna Onofre
Castro, Luiz Guilherme Rivera de
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Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Given the importance of public space for democracy and quality of life in cities, the binomial public-security space has become a latent concern in discussions involving the urban planning process in its different participatory spheres and different scales of intervention. Assuming that urban space is not neutral, but acts as an active element for criminal occurrences, the general objective of this study is to analyze the relationship between urban morphology and security in public spaces. As specific objectives, we sought to identify the physical and environmental factors attributed to safe spaces and to investigate the relationship between variables associated with public spaces and the occurrence of crimes. Given that violence manifests itself in space and that it is both the object and purpose of architecture, the object of research is the public urban space. As a case study, we present Roosevelt Square and its surroundings with a radius of approximately 400m, located in the central region of the city of São Paulo. The case study is divided into two parts: analysis of crime and analysis of space in its different morphological dimensions. Functional, expressive-symbolic, economic-financial, copresential and bioclimatic dimension. From the correlation of the data collected, the morphological factors that contribute or not to urban safety are identified.
segurança , morfologia , espaço público
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INÁCIO, Bruna Onofre. Morfologia e segurança nos espaços públicos: a praça Roosevelt em São Paulo. 2020. 109 f. Dissertação ( Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2020.