Conhecimento tácito nos processos decisórios não-estruturados

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Lucena, Fábio de Oliveira
Popadiuk, Silvio
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Miguel, Lilian Aparecida Pasquini
Mazzon, José Afonso
Teixeira, Maria Luiza Mendes
Imoniana, Joshua Onome
Administração de Empresas
When the decision-making process has not a prior, ordered and explicit set of responses to an identified problem, it is called an unstructured decision process. In this type of process, the participation of decision-makers is characterized by a knowledge that is derived from the accumulation of indirect evidences, probably resulting from tacit knowledge related to aspects such as experience, perception, intuition and other manifestations. Tacit knowledge can be defined as knowledge derived from experience and formal learning, difficult to be explained, even in unconventional languages, contextualized in actions towards practical objectives that can be acquired without necessarily resorting to explicit instructions. Studies reveal that the inclusion of tacit knowledge in its various manifestations in complex decision situations are scarce and, as regards to unstructured decision-making process are non-existent. In this sense, this research aimed to identify the manifestations and/or fluxes of tacit knowledge in unstructured decision process. Secondary objectives were the characterization of the constituent elements of the unstructured decision process on the decisions investigated and identification of elements that demonstrate the presence of tacit knowledge in organizational decisions. The research developed a qualitative approach, through a study of multiple cases, and applied semistructured interviews to ten executives belonging to different segments of the economy. The analysis of data was carried out according to Flores (1994) interpretative analysis of text technique. The results indicated that there was insertion of tacit knowledge in all unstructured decision making routines. It was also concluded the need to explicitly add the routine of evaluation to the Mintzberg, Raisinghani e Théorêt (1976) model, because it was also identified elements of tacit knowledge at this stage of the decision-making process.
processo decisório não-estruturado , conhecimento tácito , decisões estratégicas , avaliação
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LUCENA, Fábio de Oliveira. Conhecimento tácito nos processos decisórios não-estruturados. 2016. 135 f. Tese (Administração de Empresas) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.