Fatores intrínsecos e extrínsecos que interferem na motivação de aprendizagem em estudantes em EaD

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Lopes, Tiago Viana
Vasconcelos, Ana Lucia Fontes de Souza
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César, Ana Maria Roux Valentini Coelho
Slomski, Vilma Geni
Controladoria e Finanças Empresariais
This applied research aims to identify the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that interfere in the motivation of learning in students in EaD, from the application of the Academic Motivation Scale (EMA). The methodology of the study is based on the quantitative approach with the method of factorial analysis, applying KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Oklin) test and the Barlett sphericity test, confirming the adequacy of analysis to the problem presenting value obtained in this case was KMO = 0.698 which is greater than 0.5, so we conclude that the sample size is adequate for the application of the factorial analysis. The collection instrument is a questionnaire structured with six direct variables, with three types of extrinsic motivation (external regulation, introjection and identification) and three types of intrinsic motivation (knowing, performing and experiencing stimuli), containing 28 affirmations established on a likert scale of 7 points (1 nothing true to 7 totally true). The data collected are tabulated using Excel software (Microsoft) and the factor analysis is elaborated using SPSS (IBM) software. The results point to a confirmation of six factors, 1-Demotivation / Extrinsic Motivation of External Regulation; 2-Extrinsic motivation of regulation introduced / identified / integrated; 3-Extrpinseca Motivation of Integrated Regulation / Intrinsic Motivation; 4-Demotivation / Extrinsic Motivation of External Regulation; 5-Demotivation / Extrinsic Regulation / External Motivation and the 6-Extrinsic Motivation of Integrated Regulation, similar to the results of Guimarães and Bzuneck (2008), except for the extrinsic motivation by integrated regulation that was not contemplated in the evaluation.
autodeterminação , desafios de aprendizagem , EaD
LOPES, Tiago Viana. Fatores intrínsecos e extrínsecos que interferem na motivação de aprendizagem em estudantes em EaD. 2018. 71 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Controladoria e Finanças Empresariais) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.