Desenvolvimento e estudos psicométricos do teste de compreensão oral para 4º a 9º ano do ensino fundamental

dc.contributor.advisorSeabra, Alessandra Gotuzo
dc.contributor.authorAndrade, Lara Poggio de
dc.description.abstractIn Brazil, there is a lack of published instruments for oral comprehension evaluation, specifically for Elementary School II students. This skill, besides being important for communication, is also a requirement for the acquiring of reading and writing. Among the skills involved in oral comprehension there are vocabulary, phrases and stories comprehension and figures of speech. It’s essential having psychometrically adequate instruments that allow the assessment of those skills, because they can contribute to identifying difficulties and promoting an adequate intervention, leading to improvement in both oral comprehension and Reading skills. Therefore, the present study developed and sought psychometrical evidences for an Oral Comprehension Test (OCT) ranging from 4th to 9th grade of Elementary School. On the first phase of the study, bibliographical researches were made to base and develop a new instrument. On the second phase, pilot studies were conducted on private and public schools aiming to adjust applications’ items and instructions. On the third phase 159 participated, from two private schools, evaluated via OCT and the WISC-IV vocabulary subtest. On the variance analysis conducted to verify the effect of the school year on the OCT total score and each subtest, the results showed significative effect. On Pearson’s partial correlation used to verify the performance of each OTC’s subtest, data point to significative correlation on the following measures: high/very high magnitude for incoherent phrases correlation, vocabulary, texts and sayings comprehension regarding OCT’s total; average magnitude for incoherent phrases with text and metaphors with sayings and OCT’s total; low magnitude for vocabulary regarding other subtests, incoherent phrases with sayings and texts with metaphors and sayings. Regarding the correlation between OCT and WISC IV Vocabulary Subtest, data point to significative correlation. And the results of correlation between OCT and the average grades of Portuguese and Mathematics were of low magnitude. The present study presents a new oral comprehension evaluation instrument and brings evidences of its validity specifically in relation to school year progression and with external criteria (WISC IV Vocabulary Subtest and average grades of Portuguese and Mathematics).eng
dc.identifier.citationANDRADE, Lara Poggio de. Desenvolvimento e estudos psicométricos do teste de compreensão oral para 4º a 9º ano do ensino fundamental. 2020. 83 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Distúrbios do Desenvolvimento) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2020.por
dc.keywordselementary schooleng
dc.keywordslistening comprehensioneng
dc.keywordsneuropsychological assessmenteng
dc.publisherUniversidade Presbiteriana Mackenziepor
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dc.subjectensino fundamentalpor
dc.subjectcompreensão oralpor
dc.subjectavaliação neuropsicológicapor
dc.titleDesenvolvimento e estudos psicométricos do teste de compreensão oral para 4º a 9º ano do ensino fundamentalpor
local.contributor.board1Amato, Cibelle Albuquerque de La Higuera
local.contributor.board2Mecca, Tatiana Pontrelli
local.publisher.departmentCentro de Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde (CCBS)por
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