Mairiporã: o impacto do crescimento da cidade na sustentabilidade hídrica local

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Ruis, Jorge Antonio Gutier
Bruna, Gilda Collet
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Meirelles, Célia Regina Moretti
Monteiro, Leonardo Marques
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The concept of Sustainability as the ability to meet current needs, to ensure the ability of future generations to do the same, is present in the relations of economic and natural capital. Sustainable development must be based on the balance of social, economic and environmental aspects that feed this economy. The Cantareira system involves two hydrographic basins, and is responsible for the supply of 9 million people in São Paulo metropolitan area (SPMA). The city of Mairiporã is located at the intersection between the two basins, and 80% of its territory is in watershed protection area. Knowing the process of urbanization and urban growth, as well as its socio-economic dynamics and its environmental profile, is the starting point to carry out sustainable indexes reports. To monitor the environmental resources, balancing them with the city development, is crucial to the survival of local ecosystems and to the life quality of the inhabitants. The indicators show the state of the environment, as well as the pressures that generate effects on this state, the impact affecting the life quality and the attempt to reverse the harmful framework. However, the evaluation process is relevant only when it generates action of company’s shares and public managers. It cannot be considered an end in itself, since it has no use unless it provokes effective actions. This research shows, therefore, the result of the relationship between population growth and local impact. Thanks to the created infographic, it is possible identify the most important points which put the city in a general index of intermediate water sustainability, and that should be the priorities of public and social actions.
crescimento urbano , impacto ambiental , Mairiporã , sustentabilidade hídrica
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RUIS, Jorge Antonio Gutier. Mairiporã: o impacto do crescimento da cidade na sustentabilidade hídrica local. 2016. 228 f. Dissertação (Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.