Desjudicialização das execuções fiscais tributárias como medida de auxílio ao descongestionamento do poder judiciário

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Varga, Caio Amuri
Francisco, José Carlos
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Conrado, Paulo César
Lorencini, Bruno César
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This paper is tied to the line of research Citizenship Shaping the State of the lato sensu post-graduate program of the Law School of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and was developed with the specific purpose of demonstrating the impact of tax enforcement actions on the slow-paced Brazilian Judiciary and, from that reality, present the possibility of reducing the litigiousness concerning such claims through the dejudicialization of some procedural acts related thereto. The monograph was divided into an introductory text, five development chapters with brief and specific conclusions to each of them, and a general conclusion at the end. In the first of such chapters, a historical analysis is made of the sluggishness of the Brazilian Judiciary and of the several attempts to fight it through changes of the procedural rules. The second chapter addresses how the Government operates in Court Cases and the causes leading it to be the largest litigator in Brazil. The third chapter is dedicated to specifically demonstrate the impact of tax enforcement actions on clogging the Judiciary and the consequences of the total lack of efficiency of the current model. The fourth chapter shows some already existing cases of dejudicialization of claims involving the Government. Lastly, the fifth and last chapter demonstrates the possibility of dejudicialization, at least partly, of the procedures related to tax enforcement actions that are currently exclusively conducted by the Judiciary.
poder judiciário , morosidade , execuções fiscais , desjudicialização , judiciary , sluggishness , tax enforcement actions , dejudicialization
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VARGA, Caio Amuri. Desjudicialização das execuções fiscais tributárias como medida de auxílio ao descongestionamento do poder judiciário. 2015. 149 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direito) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2015.