O pulso do espaço público na região central de São Paulo: crises e inflexões

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Ribeiro, Edison Batista
Villac, Maria Isabel
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Rubano, Lizete Maria
Pallamin, Vera Maria
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The first part presents the fundamental concepts that make up the theme and provide the basis for managing the research: pulse, crisis and inflections. Sincethey are additional transfers from multidisciplinary fields of architecture, we will evokeauthors from other areas to support these concepts. The second part takes a case study of four public spaces in Sao Paulo downton: Paiçandu Square, Arouche Square, Dom JoseGaspar Square and Roosevelt Square. With historical, architectural and social approach, this pulse-taking confronts the architectural structure and appropriations occurred in these spaces. Come to the fore this counterpoint the crisis conditions of public space, but also the potential for inflections. The third part consolidates the lessonfrom these public spaces, now with an emphasis on contemporary analysis of factors that can be addressed in a way to rethink the relationship between architecture and city: politics, sociability, enjoyment and time-cultural artistic gesture. The last part draws the learning objects and concepts studied, synthesized in a critical point to possible paths for a connection between architecture and city from the project to its public spaces.
espaço público , arquitetura , cidade , pulso , crise , inflexões , public space , architecture , contemporary city , appropriation public space , architecture , city , pulse , crisis , inflections
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