Auxílio direto para fins de investigação criminal: novos parâmetros para a cooperação jurídica internacional

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Kibrit, Orly
Smanio, Gianpaolo Poggio
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Brito, Alexis Couto de
Bechara, Fábio Ramazzini
Direito Político e Econômico
Analyzes the need for that in the context of globalization, be intensified and strengthened intergovernmental relations through international legal cooperation. Addresses the need to promote changes in the implementation of this instrument in combating the increasing international crime, demonstrating the imperative of a review of the concepts of sovereignty and citizenship, institutes that should follow the movement of globalization and internationalization of law, striking realities today. Analyzes potential role models to be used by States in adapting to this new global reality, concluding that harmonization is the model whit greater plausibility, by adopting the model of State Constitutional Cooperative. Thereby, proves to be the direct assistance the sort of international legal cooperation that deserves highlighting, because its parameters deviate formal and bureaucratic barriers that currently states face in joint action and enable a permeable relationship between the countries.
globalização , criminalidade transnacional , direito penal , internacional , cooperação jurídica internacional , harmonização , Estado constitucional cooperativo , globalization , transnational crime , international criminal law , international legal cooperation , harmonization , cooperative constitutional state , direct assistance
KIBRIT, Orly. Auxílio direto para fins de investigação criminal: novos parâmetros para a cooperação jurídica internacional. 2013. 183 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direito) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2013.