QueroQuiro-Entrepreneurship in a Health Segment

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REGEPE Entrepreneurship and Small Business Journal
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de Almeida Neto M.
Marcondes R.C.
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© 2020, Associacao Nacional de Estudos em Empreendedorismo e Gestao de Pequenas Empresas - ANEGEPE. All rights reserved.Objective: To present the process of taking advantage of an opportunity in the health segment by a chiropractic clinic. Methodology: It was adopted the methodology of problem solving and seizing opportunities, as it is work applied to the reality of a business. Results: The rapid growth in demand for services by 361.97% in revenues and 4.41% in profit margin between June 2018 and May 2019, as it doubled the number of calls. This allowed the clinic to expand with the establishment of a new facility at the end of this period. Theoretical / methodological contributions: The methodology used has been shown to be sufficiently robust and efficient to address a practical entrepreneurship theme, involving concrete and complex issues of the company's reality. Relevance/originality: Show the development of a successful venture, showing how it is possible to double the revenue of a business using a scientifically based methodology that allows replication and is valid for dealing with reality. Social/management contributions: The fact that a start-up company in the health business has doubled its size, has generated benefits for more people in need of health recovery, resulting in the expansion of staff by hiring more professional and administrative support, as well as reinvestment in business expansion. For managers, it is important to emphasize that businesses start and expand by meeting customer needs and delivering what they are effectively demanding.
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