Promotion of executive functions in adolescents with typical development: Systematic review Promoção de funções executivas em adolescentes com desenvolvimento típico: revisão sistemática Promoción de funciones ejecutivas en adolescentes con desarrollo típico: revisión sistemática

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Nunes L.G.
Lopes C.C.
Ribeiro C.F.
Marques C.F.P.
Mota I.Z.
de Padua Alves L.
Seabra A.G.
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© 2023 Universidad Catolica del Uruguay. All rights reserved.During adolescence, hot and cold executive functions are still developing, making it essential to assess and intervene if changes occur. The present study aims to identify, through a systematic review, which interventions in executive functions have been studied in typical adolescents, including hot and cold executive functions, seeking to determine the effects of these interventions in this segment. The search was conducted according to the PRISMA method in the PubMed database. Of the 315 articles initially located, five remained after applying exclusion criteria and analyzing by judges. The selected articles revealed a more significant effect of interventions on cold executive functions than hot ones, which may corroborate previous data suggesting that hot executive functions take longer to be stimulated than cold ones. Only one of the five articles jointly stimulated cold and hot executive functions, which reveals the need for more research in the area. The small number of articles selected, despite limiting the conclusions, reinforces the need to conduct more research on intervention in hot and cold executive functions in typically developing adolescents.
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