Cellular automata based modeling of the formation and evolution of social networks a case in dentistry

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ICEIS 2008 - Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
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Zimbres R.A.
Brito E.P.Z.
De Oliveira P.P.B.
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The stability and evolution of networks is a research area that is not well explored. There is an inadequate focus to the partner characteristics and to the environment influence over the evolution process. This study analysed social network formation in its dynamic aspect through agent-based modeling, using cellular automata. Relationships and decisions were modeled. Along the interactions the emergence of consensus in the network could be observed and the results show that the more impulsive the individuals in a network, the stronger will be the ties among them. Convergence of partner selection criteria could also be noticed. Additionally, a structural hole could be shown to have a local influence on how it moves an agent away from the network. This work waves positively towards using cellular automata in social (in the case, business) networks modeling, in spite of their well-known limitations for these kinds of problems.
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Agent-based model , Agent-based modeling , Business network , Business networks , Dynamic aspects , Environment influence , Evolution process , Local influence , Partner selection , Research areas , Social Networks , Structural holes