Competitive priority alignment between buyers and sellers of machines and equipaments Alinhamento das prioridades competitivas entre compradores e vendedores de máquinas e equipamentos

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Moori R.G.
Ghobril A.N.
Marcondes R.C.
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© 2009 Mackenzie Presbyterian University. All rights reserved.This aim of this study is to verify the competitive priority alignment between buyers and machine & equipment users for food processing and its equipment suppliers. Based on an exploratory and descriptive research, was applied a structured questionnaire having as subject the purchase, sale and production managers. There were altogether 77 answers obtained from food processing managers and 55 from equipment manufacturer managers. The obtained data were analyzed according to descriptive statistic and to non-parametric test of bivariate correlation, which revealed that: a) in the scope of relationship between food processing and equipment manufacturer, the quality factor was the competitive priority aligned between them; b) in the scope of buyers and machine & equipment users, there was evidence the trade-off between the variables stock reduction and quickly delivery. The results allowed concluding that: a) the quality is a factor of alignment to internal and external environment; b) the trade-off is used as an instrumental to achieve the competitive priority alignment in the internal environment of the buyer and machine & equipment users for food processing.
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