Electrical conductivity and microstructure by Rietveld refinement of doped Cu-Ni powder alloys

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Materials Science Forum
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Fambrini A.S.
Monteiro W.A.
Orrego R.M.M.
Marques I.M.
Carrio J.A.G.
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This work presents a comparative study of microstructural and electrical properties of polycrystalline material from two different Cu-Ni alloys: Cu-Ni-Pt and Cu-Ni-Al. The first one of them was produced in electric furnace with voltaic arc and the other was produced by powder metallurgy. The microstructure of the samples was studied by optical microscopy, Vickers micro hardness and x rays powder diffraction. Their electrical conductivity was measured with a milliohmeter Agilent (HP) 4338B. Refinements of the crystalline structure of the samples were performed by the Rietveld method, using the refinement program GSAS. The refinement results and Fourier differences calculations indicate that the copper matrix structure presents not significant distortions by the used amounts of the other metal atoms. In both cases a sequence of thermo mechanical treatments was developed with the intention of increasing the hardness maintaining the electrical conductivity of the alloys. The refinements also allowed a study of the dependence of the micro-structure and the thermo mechanical treatments of the samples. Acknowledgments: Mackpesquisa, CAPES. © (2010) Trans Tech Publications.
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Comparative studies , Copper matrix , Copper nickels , Crystalline structure , Electrical conductivity , Micro-structural , Powder diffraction , Vickers microhardness