Anterior clinoid meningiomas Meningiomas del proceso clinoideo anterior

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Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia
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Diaz Castillejos A.
Zottis Grapiglia C.
Rehder R.
Borba L.A.B.
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Introduction: Meningiomas evolved around the anterior clinoid process consist of serious group among sphenoid ridge due to their relationship to vascular and nervous structures. As clivus meningiomas, they are associated to high mortality and morbidity rate. Objective: To evaluate the access, bone resection extension, results, and complications associated to anterior clinoidal meningiomas surgery. Method: Review of 15 patients presenting anterior clinoidal meningiomas submitted to surgical removal at Evangelico University Hospital of Curitiba during the period 2000 through 2010. Results: All patients were submitted to fronto-orbitozigomatic (FOZ) craniotomy; total resection was performed in 12 cases; partial removal in 3 cases. Frequent complications are as follows: III cranial nerve deficit (4 cases), motor impairment (2 cases), cerebro-spinal fluid fistula (2 cases), and facial pain (1 case). Visual recovery was seen in 8 patients, while visual worsening in 2 patients. In 5 of cases, there were no visual alterations. Conclusion: Using skull base techniques, radical resection of anterior clinoid meningiomas is possible which includes bone and tumor exeresis, taking combined surgical approaches. Initial surgical process presents the greatest opportunity to have total resection, low morbidity, and mortality rates associated to the low surgical risks. © Copyright Indice Mexicano de Revistas Biomédicas Latinoamericanas 1998-2011.
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