A constructive data classification version of the particle swarm optimization algorithm

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Mathematical Problems in Engineering
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Szabo A.
De Castro L.N.
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The particle swarm optimization algorithm was originally introduced to solve continuous parameter optimization problems. It was soon modified to solve other types of optimization tasks and also to be applied to data analysis. In the latter case, however, there are few works in the literature that deal with the problem of dynamically building the architecture of the system. This paper introduces new particle swarm algorithms specifically designed to solve classification problems. The first proposal, named Particle Swarm Classifier (PSClass), is a derivation of a particle swarm clustering algorithm and its architecture, as in most classifiers, is pre-defined. The second proposal, named Constructive Particle Swarm Classifier (cPSClass), uses ideas from the immune system to automatically build the swarm. A sensitivity analysis of the growing procedure of cPSClass and an investigation into a proposed pruning procedure for this algorithm are performed. The proposals were applied to a wide range of databases from the literature and the results show that they are competitive in relation to other approaches, with the advantage of having a dynamically constructed architecture. © 2013 Alexandre Szabo and Leandro Nunes de Castro.
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Continuous parameters , Data classification , Dynamically buildings , ITS architecture , Optimization task , Particle swarm algorithm , Particle swarm optimization algorithm , Pruning procedures
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