Music-AR: Software for teaching children music perception MUSIC-AR: Software para ensino de percepção musical para crianças

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Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI
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Gomez L.S.
Martins V.F.
Ruiz V.P.
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Since the massification of the medias and non compulsory musical education in Brazilian schools, there is a loss of sound/music perception of Brazilian children. This fact, associated with the lack of software for the teaching of sound perception, generated the Music-AR, software that uses Augmented Reality technology for the teaching of sound properties, such as timbre, pitch and sound intensity, based on the Murray Schafer study, a major Canadian music educator. There were two small applications for that: the first one allows the child to manipulate virtual objects linked to sounds, this way, the child can loosen and stretch virtual objects relating them to the (bass and treble) sound pitch; the second focus on the concept of sound intensity, associating it to virtual animals been far or near to the children. Tests were applied and the results are presented in this work. © 2014 AISTI.
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Augmented reality technology , Music perception , Realidade Aumentada , Sound perception , Sound properties , Virtual objects
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