Face recognition using Support Vector Machine and multiscale directional image representation methods: A comparative study

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Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
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Da Costa D.M.M.
Peres S.M.
Lima C.A.M.
Mustaro P.
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© 2015 IEEE.In recent years, human identification based on face recognition has attracted the attention of the scientific community and the general public due to its wide range of applications. A face recognition system involves three important phases: face detection, feature extraction and classification (identification and/or verification). The robustness of face recognition could be improved by treating the variations in these stages. One of the main issues in design of face recognition system is how to extract discriminative facial features. A precise extraction of a representative feature set will improve the performance of a face recognition system. Various techniques have been used to represent images efficiently, of which the most well-known and widely applied are Wavelet, Contourlet, Shearlet and Curvelet Transform. Their ability to capture localized time-frequency information of image motivates their use for feature extraction. In this paper, we conduct a systematic empirical study on these transforms as feature extractors from face images. To further reduce the feature dimensionality, we adopt Principal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis to select the most discriminative feature sets. The performance levels delivered by each transform are contrasted in terms of the accuracy measure computed over the outputs generated by the Support Vector Machine classifier (SVM). Experimental results conducted on a publicly available database are reported whereby we observe that the Curvelet Transform followed by the Wavelet Transform significantly outperform the others according to accuracy measure calculated over the SVM classifier.
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Contourlet transform , Curvelet transforms , Face recognition systems , Feature extraction and classification , Linear discriminant analysis , Shearlet transforms , Support vector machine classifiers , Time frequency information
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