Being a prouni student: A study on experience of inclusion and exclusion from different views Ser prounista: Um estudo sobre experiência de inclusão e exclusão sob diferentes olhares

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Revista de Gestao Social e Ambiental
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Aranha Neto M.D.O.
Hanashiro D.M.M.
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The ProUni (University Program for All) was established with the purpose of enabling the access of low income youths to academic conviviality and university education. The objective of this article is to understand the experience of inclusion and exclusion of ProUni students, from different social actors who interact in this students’ academic environment. A qualitative research was carried out with 18 ProUni and non-ProUni students and four professors from a law school of a private university in the city of São Paulo. The interviews were analyzed under a thematic categorization technique. The ProUni students identity was perceived as conveying a negative value and it was concealed by many of them. In addition, the perceived dissimilarities accentuate the barriers between the students groups. While the difficult access to some people, groups and information is a form of exclusion, there are no inclusion strategies, either from institution, teachers or non ProUni students; therefore, it is up to the ProUni student to seek inclusion himself.
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