Improvement of the metabolic profile in young overweight adults using high doses of branched chain amino acids during sprint interval training

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Journal of Physical Education and Sport
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de Franca E.
Xavier A.P.
Martins R.A.
dos Santos R.V.T.
Caperuto E.C.
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© JPES.The ingestion of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) has been pointed as having controversial effects on cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and energy metabolism, is unknow if sprint interval training (SIT) has a synergist effect when associated with BCAA supplementation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of BCAA supplementation associated with SIT on energy metabolism and CVD biomarkers. Were randomly distributed forty overweight participants in to 4 groups: sedentary plus placebo (S-PLA); sedentary plus BCAA (S-BCAA); SIT plus placebo (SIT-PLA); SIT plus BCAA (SIT-BCAA). During 8 weeks, the S-BCAA and SIT-BCAA groups were supplemented with 300 mg·kg·day-1 of BCAA plus 200 mg·kg·day-1 of maltodextrin while S-PLA and SIT PLA were supplemented with 500 mg·kg·day-1 of waxy maize (placebo). Also, the SIT-PLA and SIT-BCAA groups undergone on a 3 days/week cycle SIT training. Pre- and post-treatment were evaluated: VO2peak, total cholesterol (TC) and their fractions (HDL-C and LDL-C), triglycerides, protein C-reactive (PCR), HbA1c and body fat percentage (BF%) as CVD biomarkers; respiratory exchange ratio (RER), blood glucose and lactate concentration as energy metabolism. After treatment, VO2peak increased only in the SIT groups (p<0.05); %BF, TC and PCR did not change in all the four groups (p>0.05). Triglycerides and LDL-C decreased only in S-BCAA and SIT-BCAA (p<0.05) groups. SIT-BCAA group also decreased HbA1c and increased HDL-C (p<0.05). SIT and BCAA supplementation seem to be exert a synergistic effect on decreasing both RER and blood glucose concentrations, however, higher BCAA supplementation appear to blunt the SIT’s lowering effect on blood lactate concentration. In conclusion, the SIT was effective to increase VO2peak, while associating SIT with BCAA supplementation was the most effective treatment to promote positive synergistic changes on CVD biomarker and on energy metabolism.
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