The influence of parameters and strategies on parts manufactured by FDM process

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
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De Oliveira Fiuza D.
Da Rocha J.R.
Dos Santos V.T.
Da Silva M.R.
Couto A.A.
Bottene A.C.
Dos Santos G.A.
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© IEOM Society International.Additive manufacturing has gained an important role in manufacturing parts and prototypes. This article discusses on the influence of additive manufacturing parameters and strategies on the quality of the product obtained by FDM (Fused-deposition modeling) process. This technology assists the productive sectors for the creation of prototypes and customized final products, which can be manufactured inside the offices, being one of the pillars of industry 4.0, it favors mass customization, fast product delivery, and high added value. In FDM process, the main variable for the quality of the parts is the temperature. If it is elevated it will cause deformations in the parts, otherwise it will not allow adhesion between the layers. The deposition speed is related to the process temperature, causing a decrease in the viscosity of the polymer that should be adjusted so as not to cause failures in the part. The production time of the piece is directly linked to the deposition speed and the filling method available. The filling method is defined according to the necessary mechanical resistance of the part for its operation. It is possible to use the manufacturing method with low filling and subsequently add resin in cavities, significantly increasing the strength of the manufactured component.
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