Nanodiagnostics to Face SARS-CoV-2 and Future Pandemics: From an Idea to the Market and beyond

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ACS Nano
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Rosati G.
Idili A.
Parolo C.
Fuentes-Chust C.
Calucho E.
Hu L.
Castro E Silva C.D.C.
Rivas L.
Nguyen E.P.
Bergua J.F.
Alvarez-Diduk R.
Munoz J.
Junot C.
Penon O.
Monferrer D.
Delamarche E.
Merkoci A.
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© The COVID-19 pandemic made clear how our society requires quickly available tools to address emerging healthcare issues. Diagnostic assays and devices are used every day to screen for COVID-19 positive patients, with the aim to decide the appropriate treatment and containment measures. In this context, we would have expected to see the use of the most recent diagnostic technologies worldwide, including the advanced ones such as nano-biosensors capable to provide faster, more sensitive, cheaper, and high-throughput results than the standard polymerase chain reaction and lateral flow assays. Here we discuss why that has not been the case and why all the exciting diagnostic strategies published on a daily basis in peer-reviewed journals are not yet successful in reaching the market and being implemented in the clinical practice.
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Bottleneck , COVID-19 , Diagnostic assays , Diagnostic device , Nanodiagnostic , Outbreak , Phase of test development , SARS-CoV-2 , Test development , Testing method , COVID-19 , COVID-19 Testing , Humans , Pandemics , SARS-CoV-2
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