(Re) Learning fine motor hand movements with serious games

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2022 17th Latin American Conference on Learning Technologies, LACLO 2022
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Trassi N.S.
Belloni G.G.
Mattos N.G.
De Oliveira Brisotti V.
Silveira I.F.
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© 2022 IEEE.The learning process of fine hand movements is an important part of the growing of every child. Motor fine skills are extremely important for an individual's life. This is determinant for other stages of development, like learning how to keep things caught, how to write and all other everyday uses of fine movements. Without fine motor skills, everyday activities such as putting on keys, holding a pen and handling other small objects would not be possible. However, a series of intercurrences can happen to everyone, like accidents or some specific diseases, and this natural learning could be lost, leading to the need of rehabilitation and re-learning of such fine movements. Thus, there are many patients with accidental or genetic traumas who need attention for rehabilitation of fine motor skills. This study aims to propose serious games using touch screen mobile interfaces (such as cell phones and tablets) that can contribute to enablement and rehabilitation for fine motor skills
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Basic motor skill , Cell phone , Fine motors , Hands movement , Learning , Learning process , Mobile interface , Motor hand movement , Motor skills , Small objects